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Casa do Vale Mushroom Products
Achieved by the quality and the all-natural method, after the presence of more than 2 years in the market this is the real achievement, the Shiitake Valley House which is a biological product. This product was present in the "Taste of the Year 2016" prize, where these three products of Casa do Vale were awarded: Shiitake Chutney, Shiitake Vinaigrette and Pala Orange with Vinho Verde. As a biological product the Shiitake Valley House is automatically raised to a unique and privileged level, which is unusual in Portugal particularly in that kind of product.

The Sobral Cardoso family is confident that for this year the surprises will not finish, once, the Caramelized Onions are a bright new bet that Casa do Vale has been improving and has an excellent acceptance of the public. Therefore we are expecting this recipe will be the "Flavor of the Year 2017" which would be a great recognition of the quality and refined flavors that Casa do Vale will make available to its fans.
Licensed by NATURALFA, which has the responsibility in the certification process, Shiitake products stand out in the market, corresponding to a global trend, a quality inquiry and also as a company’s mission purpose.

The product certification process includes the Certificates and Certificates of Conformity issuing in addition to the granting of use of Trademarks by NATURALFA to products produced under the Community Regulations; National Legislation and / or Technical Specifications of each Production Mode (MPB and PRODI) or Certification Reference (GlobalGAP). Indulge yourself with the our mushrooms products by clicking here.
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Dried Shiitake
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Biological Product Certification: Shiitake Mushrooms