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Stand da Casa do Vale na Alameda Market: Food & Health
“Sabor do Ano 2017”
For the second year in a row, “Casa do Vale” was awarded with the "Sabor do Ano". This time the winners of the “Sabor do Ano 2017” award were the 4 Caramelised Onions flavours that "Casa do Vale" produce. This was a great addition to the 3 “Casa do Vale” products (Shiitake Chutney, Shiitake Vinaigrette and Pala Orange jam with Vinho Verde) that won this prestigious prize last year (“Sabor do Ano 2016”). The Caramelized Onions are a new “move” that “Casa do Vale” has been doing, which proved to be a great success, since this was their second distinction, combining the "Sabor do Ano 2017" with the "Great Taste 2016". “Sabor do Ano 2017” award is another great recognition of the quality and flavour of excellence that “Casa do Vale” displays to their fans.
A prestigious award that distinguishes the best of the best
“Sabor do Ano 2017" award means that a product stand out from all the others, either by taste, appearance, texture or smell, passing by a series of tests carried out by Portuguese consumers, who choose from among the candidates those flavours that really stand out and conquer their palate. This is another great incentive for “Casa do Vale” to continue to seek inovattion and continue to conquer the taste of the Portuguese and the rest of the world.
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"Sabor do Ano 2017": Purple Onion & Raspberry
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"Sabor do Ano 2017" Awards