Jorge Cardoso, Founder, Casa do Vale

Everywhere the brand passes we hear compliments that transform the product, making it more than a jam or a plain quality mushroom. Alimentaria was no exception, all of the comments were summed up in excellence and unequalled quality. As such, the feedback is positive and Casa do Vale returns with a seal of guarantee from the persons who gave the most varied positive compliments.
Casa do Vale was present at one of the most important Trade shows of food products, which took place between 26th and 28th April 2016. This Trade Show was important for a closer contact with potential customers in the international market, namely in the Central European and Asian countries, taking advantage of their openness to the type of products from Casa do Vale. Gourmet is a market niche that is increasingly unifying and when the biological component is added, the mixture becomes explosive.

Range of products presented

Alimentaria Barcelona 2016