Our Quinta is located in the beautiful region of the Douro, classified as World Heritage, awarded by UNESCO in 2001. It is also the oldest wine-growing region of the world.
The Douro is composed of 13 municipalities, full of rich historical, cultural and architectural heritage, just waiting for you to admire them when visiting this region.
Its grounds are fertile, irregular, and full of grapes and fruit lined with schist walls, along a river that completes the setting worthy of a reputable and superb painting.



Being best known for the wine it produces, this is a region that goes far beyond its best-known product, excelling also for its natural beauty. Its imposing terraces, the green fields, the Douro River as slender presence, its cuisine, its magnificent manor houses, its people and its unique history, constitute the scenario that can make you live an unequalled sensory and cultural experience.


To see, to feel, to smell, to taste and to discover this region and this landscape full of green and grapes brings inspiration and a sense of communion with nature, which always causes splendour reactions in those who have the opportunity to stay at this unique place. In winter, life is calm and quiet, as if it was waiting for the vines to “dress-up”. This change of clothing takes place in the transition from summer to autumn… and that’s when the magic happens. People coming and going carrying grape baskets, pruning shears, landscapes full of people working… The region gets a different colour and vitality through its umbilical connection to wine.



A privileged region rich in history, culture and people of legendary hospitality. A noble location that maintains its roots and lives away from the urban chaos. People who managed to overcome difficulties with a mix of mastery and ingenuity and who can harvest fruit of the land as no-one else. These people are the icon of the northern warrior spirit.
Their brave work of shaping the landscape for agriculture and making the most of the gifts that generous nature was able to offer them made this region something unique, unforgettable and unrepeatable, perfectly defined by Orlando Ribeiro: “The Douro Region is the most admirable human work that can be seen in Portugal.”