Terms and Conditions

legal notices
By accessing and navigating on the site CASADOVALE.COM.PT, or using any contents of the site, the user is bound to these terms and conditions, which constitute the regime that governs the purchase and sale of the on-line products on the site CASADOVALE.COM.PT.

objectives of the site
This is a site for the sale of gourmet products of biological origin, composed of mushrooms with stem, retail commerce of fruit and horticultural, canned and frozen products and export of the same, from the region of Baião, in Portugal, available for delivery in Portugal and abroad, to private customers or companies.

links to third-party sites
The only links to third party sites from the site CASADOVALE.COM.PT, or from its communications, shall be those needed to monitor the provision of shipping services that collaborate with CASADOVALE.COM.PT and those arising from advertising commitments assumed by CASADOVALE.COM.PT. This reference shall not signify, at any time, any acceptance or subscription by CASADOVALE.COM.PT of the content of the same, since these sites are beyond the control of CASADOVALE.COM.PT.

privacy – cookies
CASADOVALE.COM.PT recognises the importance of protecting the privacy of the information that may be provided by site users. Therefore, CASADOVALE.COM.PT shall make every effort to respect the right to privacy of these users and to treat any personal information under the terms permitted by law. When a customer places an order on CASADOVALE.COM.PT, CASADOVALE.COM.PT will save this data in its databases. CASADOVALE.COM.PT will not communicate the information gathered to third parties, without the prior written consent of the users and owners of this data, except for the sharing of information with partners needed for logistical operations and billing of orders. Identifiable personal information will be used for purposes of communication by CASADOVALE.COM.PT. The CASADOVALE.COM.PT site may use cookies (so as to provide personalised contents, record traffic patterns of users, among others). CASADOVALE.COM.PT notifies the user of such use.

alteration of the terms and conditions of use
CASADOVALE.COM.PT reserves the right to alter these terms and conditions, after prior notice made available on its site.

intellectual property and protection of contents

The contents available on this site – texts, images, photos and other information – are the property of CASA DO VALE. Thus, the property rights are reserved to www.casadovale.com.pt, and are protected by the Copyright Code. The publication, manipulation, distribution and/or reproduction, in any format, of the contents, or its copies, available on the site, for professional or commercial para use are prohibited.

regime of order and sale
With the order to ship the merchandise, the contract of purchase and sale of products available at CASADOVALE.COM.PT is formalised. The product characteristics are provided in the catalogue available on-line, except for any orthographic error or unless out of stock. The total price of the products, VAT and other taxes or fees, costs of transport, postal or delivery expenses or any other applicable charges are provided in the catalogue available on-line, except for any orthographic error or unless out of stock.

costs of transport
Costs of transport vary according to the composition, amount, destination and method of delivery of the order, and are clearly shown to the user at the time his order is completed and before payment for the products.

gourmetpass service
Users who subscribe to the GOURMETPASS service enjoy free deliveries, after an initial payment, according to the model to which they subscribe. Any exceptions to providing the service shall be timely communicated to users.

delivery time
The delivery time of any order placed with CASADOVALE.COM.PT varies by virtue of the composition, destination and mode of delivery of the order, and is clearly shown to the user at the time his order is completed.

To pay for your orders, you may choose one of the following on-line payments:
Bank Transfer
Credit Card

The amount to be debited from the credit card account is equal to the amount of the invoice delivered by our shipper. The debit shall be made at the time of the order.

right to free termination
Under the terms of Decree-Law No. 24/2014, of 14th February, the consumer has 14 days after receipt of the goods to proceed with termination of the contract and return of the goods. The consumer must communicate to CASADOVALE.COM.PT the decision to terminate this contract by an unequivocal declaration (e.g., letter sent by mail, fax or e-mail; in this last case to the e-mail address clientes@CASADOVALE.COM.PT). The right to free termination should be exercised in writing within 14 days. In the case of termination the consumer shall exclusively bear the cost of returning the goods.

applicable law and jurisdiction
This contract is governed by Portuguese law, and for resolution of any conflict, the competent jurisdiction is the County of Porto, with the renunciation of any other.

handling of complaints
Any suggestions and complaints should be sent to Customer Service through the e-mail info@casadovale.com.pt. If you are interested in resorting to an entity for dispute resolution, you may access the official portal of the European Commission for on-line Dispute Resolution (ODR/ RLL).

resolution of disputes
Company adhering to CICAP – Centre for Consumer Information and Arbitration of Porto, with the following contacts:
Address: R. Damião de Góis, nº 31 – Loja 6 – 4050-225 Porto
Telephone: +351 225029791/225508349 – Fax: +351 225026109 – E-mail: cicap@mail.telepac.pt – web: www.cicap.pt
In the event of disputes, the consumer may resort to this Dispute Resolution Entity. More information may be found at Portal do Consumidor www.consumidor.pt

operating the service
The site www.casadovale.com.pt and the brand CASA DO VALE are the property of:
António Maria Sobral, Unipessoal Lda
Rua de Balde 669 4640-444, Baião
E-mail: info@casadovale.com.pt
Telephone: +351 964 099 380